About Us

CANCapture is a CAN bus analysis and development tool from EControls. CANCapture was developed by EControls for our customers to bridge the gap between affordable yet high-quality CAN diagnostic hardware and software.


EControls was established in 1994 by Kennon Guglielmo, Ph.D. and is a leader in the design, engineering and production of complete engine control solutions supplied to OEMs in the engine and vehicle industries. 

Our knowledge of industry needs and requirements has led to 16 awarded patents and 75 published technical papers, and EControls customers include some of the world's largest OEMs of transportation, off-highway, industrial and marine pleasure craft for alternative fuel, diesel and gasoline engines worldwide.

EControls’ systems-based solutions are utilized in many markets including commercial vehicles and natural gas compression,

Customer focus and innovation are at the core of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, enabling EControls to deliver a broad range of innovative control and monitoring solutions for engines and engine-driven equipment to customers around the world.

EControls has manufacturing and engineering locations around the world including San Antonio, Texas and Hangzhou, China.