CCP Block

The CCP block is used to test and diagnose a CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP) implementation. The block supports all the most fundamental CCP commands: CONNECT, GET_CCP_VERSION, EXCHANGE_ID, GET_SEED, UNLOCK (CAL resource), SET_MTA, DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD, and DISCONNECT. It allows the user to enter a simple script to perform the custom GET_SEED/UNLOCK sequence and provides support for reading and writing arbitrary memory addresses in an ECU.

CCP Block Features:

  • Connects to specific Slave address - retrieves and displays CCP version as well as the target's supported and unlocked resources
  • Supports proprietary GET_SEED and UNLOCK commands using custom C/C++ based script function
  • All CCP timeout values implemented and enforced
  • Download and Upload commands to read and write arbitrary memory addresses
  • Status indicator to report current state, timeouts, and error messages