ECOM Harness Reference Schematics

The standard ECOM device (E2040012) that sells for $179 comes with the following cable.  It has the 8-pin connector from the ECOM and goes into a round 8-pin Ford connector that is illustrated on the ECOM page. 

NOTE: The "standard ECOM" will NOT work with CANCapture 

The CANCapture kit comes with an “Unlocked ECOM device,” the standard CAN harness shown in the schematic above, and a connector pack containing both 3-pin and 2-pin Deutsch connectors and terminals.  The standard Ford connector may be replaced with either the 3-pin or 2-pin Deutsch connector as needed.  The schematic below indicates modification of the standard harness to accept the 3-pin connector.  Note that the ground wire shown will also need to be removed if using the 2-pin connector.

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