Video Tutorial: Custom RPM Gauge and Graph

This video illustrates CANCapture's ability to create user panels using fully customizable gauges. 

It shows how to create a user panel from scratch and add a themed gauge that is linked to any J1939 or user defined CAN variable.  It also shows how users can manipulate individual properties of a gauge to create any style and look possible.  In this example we create a gauge that links to SAE J1939's "Engine Speed" variable. 

The video also illustrates how to create "State Indicator gauges" that can be used to display a unique LED or image for any combination of states and values.  In this example, we create an LED that is green when RPM < 3000, turns yellow when 3000 < RPM < 4250, and turns red when RPM > 4250.   

Finally, this video shows how to create a new "Graph" functional block, link it to the flow of CAN data (replayed from a log file in this example), and add variables to the graph window.

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